Nissan GT-R


Today im  going to talk about new nission GT-R.

The car has a extra ordinary market place in automotive industry.Best selling sports car.

Engine and Body:- The car has sports look and powerful v6 engine.It has 6 cylinder (3800 cc 3.8LTR) with forced induction and 600 N/m. The engine emites less amount of pollution.(VLEV)

Interior:-Nission started the manufacturing the GT-R from 2007.They upgrade new technologies in every new model.The GT-R comes with leather seat option. The dashboard contains stereo syestem with 5.1 surrounding.And it contains 10′ inch touch screen for the reverse camera parking syestem with 180• angle view for good smooth parking.And auto on/off head lamps. 6- speed semi-automatic dual clutch 0.6 sec.transmission for this cool sports car.The car comes with couple seat only. There’s definitely plenty to do in the local area if you get bored.

Exterior:- The car comes with new beautiful different colour.The car manufacture with 6- stage paint process with double coat.(an optical liquid paint) The car has fully wind cutting aerodynamic design. It has  amazing carbon fiber spoiler which support good dragging for the car.It has tyre pressuring level syestem which help tyre pressure constant.

Breaking and suspension:

The car has a large suspension for the comfort.And it has a  smart disky break syestem.In this car the disk contain small 4 callipers for good smooth breaking.The car comes with ABS AND it has  dual side SRS airbags for safety.

Tyre and wheel:-The car has a tubeless dunlop 600 max tyre and beautiful alloy  wheel for the best driving experience.

Price of the car:-THE CAR COMES WITH $110,000 MRPS14.5/10.5 on road price/hwy.

Critics:- The car has a good sporty look

and it has good market in automotive industry.people can buy this car.

Autotech0 view:-3.7/5