The new BMW i8 had a powerful hybrid engine.BMW brings the new eco technology to the world.The engine uses both electric and disel fuel for running this car.The car has a all wheel drive.

Hybrid engine:-Hybrid means both electric and mechanic energy for the car.The car use energy from engine, breaking power and torque. Because of this function the car uses less amount of liquid fuel for running this car.

Interior& features:-The car has extra ordinary features in interior. The car

Shows navigation,comfort level,

visual Technology.The car has a automatic transmission for the good speed. The car has a reverse parking systems and sensors.The car has two doors and seats.&ABS

Engine:- In this car the engine located on  mid side.The engine has 357 HP and 0-60 speed in 3.53 sec.

The top speed of the car is 155 mph. The car running with electric and liquid fuel the car produce less Amount of pollution.

Because it is HYBRID.

Body:- The car has a perfect aerodynamic body for the sports car.

The body mad with aluminum metal.

The car has a spoiler* for the perfect foe the car.

Price and critics

:- price of the car is

$144,695 in US. IN india the car available at 2.29 cr on road price.

The car has good technology for the future and ecosystem. But for the sport lovers the car may be not favorite. AS a seden the car has good feature and technology. For the average citizens.