Why is BGMI Much Better Than PUBG New State?



PUBG which was very popular in India before the ban puted by the Indian Government in order to remove all chinese apps from India, so that the Chinese companies would not be able to make profits from Indian users have been replaced by BGMI in India the official title of the game is “India ka Battleground”.

All players already know that it is somewhat similar to PUBG. The only difference is that before it used to be the subsidiary of Tencent which was a Chinese video game company, now it’s under Krafton which is a Korean video game company. Along that, Krafton has introduced many new features to it’s Indian players which makes BGMI much better than PUBG.



The only reason behind it the pubg game was in huge loss when it got banned in India. The yearly revenue of PUBG used to be around $40-50 Million only from Indian consumers. So just to not lose that revenue, they decided to replace Tencent with Krafton. In the world PUBG is one of the most downloaded games. There are multiple reasons which make Indian users go for BGMI rather than going for PUBG. Recently, for Indian players the developers of BGMI have launched one more battleground game known as PUBG new state on 11th November.



In this article “Why is BGMI much better than PUBG new State?” and why still many players like to stick with BGMI only. Well, we are going to discuss everything about it. 

Why Choose BGMI Over PUBG New state? 

  1. Thee growing esports scenario

The population of India is huge therefore the players are also in huge amounts. When we talk about the Indian Mobile gaming community, the scenario of Indian e-sport for the battlegrounds Mobile gaming is considered to be ever growing. After the ban of pubg in July BGMI introduced to Indian users and conducted many unofficial tournaments for their Indian players which have already given the experience to the Indian players. But one of the biggest tournaments which was conducted in India was BGIS 2021. In the category of the battle royale PUBG new state is the newest game. Whereas, the pubg new state is relatively new and in the early stage and still has to improve many features. 

  1. Different Evo ground modes and arcade

This can be another reason why BGMI is better than PUBG. In BGMI players are offered many different types of modes which offer them different experiences which are really enjoyable. One of the most famous mode among players available within the game is Evo ground. BGMI offers its players three sub modes which consist of War, Sniper training, Match. Whereas, in PUBG new states they are offered only a few modes like TDM and Classic. In order to enhance the skills of players BGMI provides AI mode which can help players for real combat. In BGMI the arena mode consists of five other sub-modes which are as follows:

  • include team deathmatch
  • Arena training
  • Gun game
  • Domination
  • Assault. 
  1. Maps are familiar on BGMI

Why we are saying so well the answer is that the maps are familiar to the players is just because it’s just a new Indian version of an old PUBG game. That’s only the reason why the maps are familiar to Indian players in BGMI. Within the game the players have option to choose among any six maps which are as follows: 

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Vikendi
  • Livik
  • KaKarakin.

Whereas, in PUBG new states the player has only two options of maps to choose among. On the other hand, players have only 2 maps to choose from in the PUBG state. That’s why many Indian players are likely to stick with BGMI over PUBG’s new state game. 

  1. Fewer bugs and glitches

The BGMI game offers a very smooth experience to the Indian players while playing the game. As, BGMI is old in the market of India therefore it has gone through several changes and updates. Whereas, while playing or collecting rewards in the PUBG new state players suffer from a lot of bugs and glitches. Due to these glitches and bugs, Indian players preferred to play BGMI rather than playing PUBG new state. 

  1. Inventory

Inventory is such a thing in which many players like to invest to make it full of premium items. When the PUBG got banned in India most of the players thought that they would lose all of the items in which they had invested to complete their inventory. But then when BGMI got reintroduced in the Indian market they got their all items of inventory back after a successful data transfer from PUBG mobile to BGMI (Battlegrounds mobile India). Whereas, in PUBG’s new state the players don’t have much options to choose, the items offered tk them are very less. Which is the reason why Indian players consider BGMI as much better than PUBG new state

Best Feature of PUBG new state over BGMI 

So yet we have only discussed the cons of pubg new state but now we will discuss its advanced features which are available only in pubg new state but not in BGMI. In PUBG New State players get more advanced and dynamic features as compared to the features offered by BGMI. In PUBG New State players enjoy the elements of cim which include futuristic goods such as weapons and vehicles. The elements of the game which is offered in PUBG New State is set in the future in 2051. The graphics of this game are much better than the graphics of BGMI. In PUBG new state players get high quality pictures. The developer of this game has said that this game will have natural sunlight and shadow facts which have attracted many players to use it at once or more. we can say that it has beaten BGMI while comparing it with the graphics. 


After getting the clear view from the above article the ” BGMI is much better than PUBG new state“. Due to several reasons which we have already discussed above. And now I hope that our article may help you a bit. I would like to thank you for visiting my page.

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