How To Get Free UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India



There is no such person who doesn’t know about PUBG. When this game was introduced in the market it gained a lot of popularity among many video game lovers due to its unique interface and a lot of attractive features. It was released in the market on 23 March 2017.

It is available on every platform such as Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 ,Stadia, etc. one thing which attracted a lot of video game players was it supports a multiplayer system which forced many players to try it at once but after that almost every player got addicted to it.



Anyone belonging from any part of the world is welcome to play this game. But, soon after it got banned in India. Last year the game PUBG was banned in India by the Indian government in order to remove all chinese apps from the entire country. Krafton, which introduced the PUBG in India, tried many times to relaunch the game as it was in huge loss after losing the Indian users. Therefore, they reintroduced the PUBG game as BGMI to the Indian ministry and made a separate version of the game for India. After that, the government of India allowed Krafton to make their company again in India. 



When this game was launched in India many users of this game got very excited to play the new version of this game as BGMI. Just after the relaunched event many people purchased the Royal Pass, but there are some people who are unable to afford the cost of Royal Pass. Today in this article we will tell you everything about how to get free UC in BGMI?. There are multiple methods available on the internet to get UC for free of cost in BGMI

What is UC in BGMI?

A UC can be defined as un-real cash or in-game currency available in BGMI which is taken in use by the players to purchase their virtual outfits, skins, Royal Pass, etc. A UC is not available for free in-game for players. Those players who are able to afford the prices can easily purchase all the stuff offered to them by the game. But, those who are unable to do so always try to find out the alternative methods to get UC for free in BGMI

What is the Use of UC in BGMI? 

In BGMI UC has its own extreme use for making the purchase of different items offered to the players by the game. In BGMI most of the popular things which are available to them are gun skins, characters, cars skins, dresses, Royal Pass, etc. 

What are Gun skins?

In BGMI guns are used by players to encounter their enemy player. Gun plays an important role in becoming the man of the match. But along that, skins are also offered which increases the ability and gives many advantages by providing more features than the average gun. UC can be used to purchase those attractive skins. 

What are Characters?

In BGMI characters are having their different names, ability, emotes, voices, etc. Which also attracts many players in BGMI to buy such characters for themselves. 

What are Car Skins?

In BGMI if you Purchase car skins them it will give you a very premium look. Car skins provide a player specific colour or design of car which makes it attractive. UC are also used to buy such Car Skins.

What Are the Methods to Get Free UC in BGMI? 

In India, there are many players who are having higher interest in purchasing the stuff offered by the BGMI. But as you know that not every person can afford it, if you are also among those players then you don’t need to be worried. We have listed all the possible ways to get free UC in BGMI which are as follows: 

  1. GPT website and application

On the internet there are many websites and applications which offer rewards to their users by offering them a few tasks to complete. In exchange their users receive various prizes such as gift cards in order to make the purchase of the UC in BGMI for completing the tasks provided by the sites or applications such as watching videos, surveys, quizzes, etc.

Today the competition is very high therefore players have multiple alternative platforms. Some of the most popular sites which are available to them for getting free UC in BGMI are Swagbucks, PrizeRebel, Easy Rewards, and Poll Pay. These are the websites which offer some rewards to their users which can be used by the players to purchase UC in BGMI. 

  1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is also very popular among many players in order to purchase the UC for free just by completing a few tasks given by Google. For availing such rewards you are required to create a profile of yourself on Google Opinion Rewards, after creating it you will start receiving surveys from Google if you complete those surveys then you will receive some rewards as Google Play credits. Those Google credits can be used by you to get UC for free in BGMI directly into your account. 

  1. Custom rooms and tournaments

Well, in our list of methods to get free UC in BGMI this is one of the methods to get free UC. You know that within the game itself you can get UC for free but how, just by participating in custom rooms and tournaments. Another thing which also gets you free UC is participating in the activities and events hosted by the various youtubers. In those events you get the chance to get Royal Pass and UC for free in BGMI. 


In BGMI there are multiple of things available to the players. If you have UC then it gives you the power to buy anything in the game. Those are able to afford the pricing of the UC finds no hurdle. But those who can not afford to buy UC we have already given and shared all the methods required to get UC for free in BGMI. The main purpose of Purchasing the UC of players to look more premium than others in the game. 

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