How To Get Free Characters in Battlegrounds Mobile India



Pubg is a very popular game across the world and it is considered as the most downloaded game in the world with over 1 billion downloads globally. But in India pubg got banned by the government, the reason behind it was to remove all the Chinese apps so that China would no longer be able to earn money from Indian users.

As you know, pubg is not a Chinese game, it’s a Korean game. So they switched themselves from Tencent to Krafton just to regain the Indian users. As, it was in huge loss after losing the users of India. So they decided to make a separate version of the game for Indian players only and renamed the game as BGMI.



This game earns more than $42-50 million every year from Indian users only. Just to keep the hike among players of this game they keep on introducing new characters and events for players. In BGMI they are currently offering four special characters to their players which are: Andy, Carlo, Victor and Sara, and these all characters have their unique abilities and specialities.



These characters attract every player due to this many players are very interested to buy this character. Those players who can afford the characters find it so easy for themselves but those who can’t have to find some alternative methods. Well, you don’t need to go anywhere within this article, we will help you with each and everything so that you can get to know that How to get free characters in BGMI?. 

What is the Importance of Characters in BGMI? 

As we have already discussed above, the characters of BGMI have their different abilities and skills, but why are they important?. Well, the simple answer for this question is they just help to improve the gaming experience of players. Each character has its own special ability which we have discussed below in detail: 

  1. Andy 

The title which has been given to this character is “the magician” which is representing it’s past life. In the past Andy used to be a magician but after losing his character as magician he became a gunfighter. In the list of BGMI special characters Andy is the newest addition to it. The appearance and the outfits of Andy have also been set according to the past as a former puppet master and he wears suits and elegant outfits in the game. The cost to purchase the Andy character is set just the same as the price of Carlo. The price of both characters is 1200 UC. 

  1. Victor

In our list of characters of BGMI Victor is at second position. Within the game BGMI Victor is the only character which is available for free. Whereas, four out of 3 characters can only be obtained through UC or character vouchers. Victor, which is the name of a character, doesn’t have a great impact in the game itself. But the expertise of Victor lies in submachine guns. In BGMI the character Victor is more effective in evoground, but it lags very much in TDM matches. This character looks like some badass guy. Some of the most attractive things about it are it’s emotes and outfits which are available to players in the section of inventory. 

  1. Carlo

In the game BGMI Carlo is a very stubborn character. Carlo is mastered in the art of war. If a player owns Carlo character then he has the ability to increase its health by 10%. For example, if you fall from a high location then it can help you to decrease the fall damage upto 10%. If the player remains consistent and pushes its rank higher, it can increase from 10 to 13.5%. The cost of Carlo character along with its outfits and emoticons is about 1200 UC. But, I’ll explain to you how to get free characters in BGMI? One of its skills of Carlo helps players in high location battles which is very advantageous to players. 

  1. Sara

Sara is such an attractive character in BGMI. In BGMI Sara has a title which is vehicle expert. As compared to the other three characters Sara is the most affordable and preferred character to buy. The first thing which attracts many players is its cost which is only 600 UC and the other thing which attracts players is that she can reduce the damage taken by 4% as being a vehicle expert. But you don’t need to worry, we will also tell you how you can get free characters in BGMI? 

How to get free characters in BGMI? 

If you are also among those players who are not able to afford the prices of characters but want to purchase all the characters of pubg then we will tell you how to get free characters in BGMI?.

So here is the free method to get free characters in BGMI all you have to do is just to get character vouchers which are available for free in the game itself. But, you might don’t know the steps to get unlimited free character vouchers. First of all let me tell you what character vouchers are in BGMI?. A character voucher can simply be defined as a coupon code which consists of points which can only be used to purchase characters. But you cannot be able to buy other items in BGMI with the help of character vouchers. We have listed all the required steps to get free characters in BGMI which are as follows: 

  • Login to your BGMI account.
  • After logging in go to the events section.
  • For getting a free character voucher you are required to join a new event. 
  • After finishing the mission offered by the event look at the section of rewards now you can collect all rewards in which you will receive character voucher.
  • And collect as many character vouchers as possible.
  • Now you can use that character voucher to get a free character in BGMI.  


According to our suggestion Sara is the best character in BGMI due to its abilities and affordability. I hope that this article on how to get free characters in BGMI was helpful to you. Finally, I would like to thank you for visiting here. 

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