The best-selling new SUVs in France (2021 ranking)



Which SUVs sold the most in France between January and December 2021? Discover the top 20 in pictures.

2021 is behind us, the opportunity to take a full picture of the French auto market in the SUV segment. The leggy models have been on the rise for several years in our borders, to the point that today few manufacturers are turning their backs on them.

The lion still roars so loud

According to final figures published by the CCFA (Committee of French Automobile Manufacturers), Peugeot maintains its leadership in the ranking of best-selling SUVs (visible in our slideshow above). the Peugeot 2008 has registered 75,477 copies between January and December 2021. On the podium, the Renault Captur (52,596) is still ahead of the Peugeot 3008, which sold out in 2021 to 50,399 units.

Volkswagen foreign seller in 2021

We note that the top of the table will have been dominated throughout the year by French brands (Peugeot, Renault, Citroën), the first foreign manufacturer (apart from Dacia, a member of the Renault Group) named Volkswagen. the Barter is the best-selling non-hexagon SUV of the year.

Check out the rest of the ranking of the best SUV sales in France in 2021 in our slideshow at the top of the article.

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