Peugeot dominates Renault in 2021



Peugeot can slash the champagne: for the first time in decades, the lion brand has sold more vehicles than Renault in France!

According to sales figuress published by AAA Data, 1,659,008 new cars have been sold to individuals in the last 12 months in France. If the statistics progress slightly (+ 0.5%) compared to 2020, they remain well below of the pre-Covid automotive market (- 25.1%).

And the 2021 winner is…?

Peugeot! Besides the fact that the 208 retained his title of best seller after 2020 (the top 20 is here), the lion brand is ahead for the first time in decades its old enemy Renault in terms of sales volumes. Between January 1 and December 31, 2021, the manufacturer with a refreshed luminous identity has passed a total of 285,930 vehicles.

Renault well in the lead group

Still a leader in the field of commercial vehicles and commercial vehicles (LCV), Renault is therefore satisfied with second place overall, with 268,975 registrations. Citroën complete the podium in front Dacia (125,205 vehicles), which however reinforces the presence of the Renault group in the leading group.


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