more purchasing aid in China, and in France?



At the end of 2022, China will no longer subsidize the purchase of an electric vehicle on its territory. She believes that their charm alone will drive up sales.

The electric cars are becoming more and more democratized in the world. You’re here, a pioneer in the activity, has doubled its sales of models in one year with almost a million vehicles sold. They are considered to be the main outlet for the car decarbonization, and the ecological transition of the global automobile fleet. But this democratization has a cost for consumers. Subsidies and aid for the purchase of an electric vehicle are being reduced. So much so that the China has decided to withdraw its aid by the end of 2022.

30% less subsidy in January

To assert its will, the Chinese government has already reduced the amount of aid by 30% to buy an electric vehicle. He relies on the attractiveness of the models so that their sales continue to rise in the future. China plans around 18% electric among all vehicles sold during the year. Registered cars, and not ordered in 2022, will therefore be less attractive to purchase than before.

And in France ?

For now, the decision to abolish state aid for the purchase of an electric vehicle in France is not no news. Even if the subject will sooner or later arrive on the table when the French car fleet will be a little more “green”.

A first reduction of the ecological bonus has already been implemented. And it will be reduced by € 1,000 this year again. Still capped at € 6,000 before July 1, 2022, it will reach a maximum amount of € 5,000 after that date. The ecological bonus can always be combined with the conversion bonus.

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