a Chinese and electric Fiat Multipla!



Stopped in 2010 in Europe, the Fiat Multipla continued its career in China where it was assembled under license by the manufacturer Zotye, who even converted it to electric …

It is not uncommon in automobile industry to see models at the end of their career afford one second life in another country. It is a way for builders to continue to make profitable tools, parts and machines used to assemble these freshly stopped models, and an additional gain for them.

We have thus seen over the decades the Citroën AX to transform into Proton Tiara in Malaysia, the 405 continue his career in Iran under the brand Iran Khodro, or the 206 be offered in China under the Citroën brand and the C2 designation. But it is obviously not only the French cars that have been the subject of production under license: the Fiat Multipla was so sold in China from 2010 to 2013 under the Zotye brand !

From copies to licensed manufacture

Yes this brand you are not familiar with the name, you have no doubt seen European models pale copied by Chinese manufacturers: Zotye is a champion in the field, offering its own copies of Volkswagen, Land Rover or even Porsche models.

But for once and as explained above, this Chinese version of Multipla is not a simple copy, but a production licensed by Fiat. Baptized successively Zotye Multiplan, M300EV then E300, she resumed trait for trait the appearance of the Multipla European (post-restyling), with the same volume and the same six interior seats).

Chinese specificity

First peculiarity of this chinese version : it was available as desired in five-seater variant, which was never offered with us. But the real change lies in the installation of electric motors instead of thermal blocks of origin: it was thus propelled by a small 82 horsepower engine, and equipped with a battery allowing it to reach a range between 160 and 200 kilometers. She will not be only sold between 2010 and 2013, and will hardly find 25,000 buyers, against 344,841 for the European multipla, over the period 1998-2010.

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