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The French are involved in automotive lighting with the Next-Tech brand. The Auto-Journal takes stock.

Some Next-Tech brand products

Automotive lighting plays a significant role in road safety. Lighting is just as important to the driver as it is to other road users. First of all, it allows you to be aware of the environment. Then, it lets other motorists know your exact position. Thus, the risk of accident is minimized. It is therefore imperative that the lighting of the car is optimal. The French brand Next-Tech specializes in the production of automotive lighting equipment. Several products are available on its site. Among its offers, here are 3 to discover absolutely.

The curved led bar for 4 × 4 is equipped with a power of 180W for 80 cm of length. It is made up of 60 LEDs, each powerful 3W. Although designed for 4 × 4, this LED bar is also suitable for trucks. It is in fact a universal product. Its little extra: it is easy to install on several types of vehicles. The special feature of this product comes from its curved design. Thanks to its shape, it emits a wider beam of light, with a viewing angle of 40 degrees. As a result, it offers maximum brightness and clarity. It is perfect in an environment where the lighting is less (forests, national roads…).

The D1S LED bulbs with plug and play connection are exclusive to the Next-Tech brand. They take advantage of the intelligent advanced Canbus system. The change of these bulbs is disconcertingly fast. This simplicity is due to their original D1 type connections. No modification is to be made. As the name suggests (plug and play), just plug the ballast cable into the new LED kit. The D1S LED bulb kit has the advantage of being compatible with all vehicles (German, Italian, French and American brands).

Cars equipped with lens headlights are in the spotlight with the Lenticular high power LED H7 kit.. Each kit contains 6 LEDs, each with a power of 14W. Copper is incorporated in the design of this product. Thanks to this material, the cooling of LED bulbs is particularly fast. As a result, the product enjoys a lifespan of over 60,000 hours.

The advantages of Next-Tech brand products

Next-Tech implements French know-how concerninglighting automobile. Each of the brand’s products is distinguished by the power emitted. The lifespan of the products is much longer than that of competing offers. In addition, the lights are specially designed to consume 2 to 3 times less energy. They are therefore economical, both in practice and in terms of the selling price. It should also be noted that by buying quality, you consume less. In addition, the Next-Tech brand products are all high-end, perfectly meeting all your needs.

The quality of the products is such that they all come with a lifetime warranty. By doing so, the brand demonstrates its total confidence in its equipment.

Buying from Next-Tech is therefore not a simple purchase. It’s about investing in a product that lasts.

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