A Mercedes dealership gets stolen … 44 tires in one night!



The start of the year is not rosy for everyone. On the night of January 1 to 2, a Mercedes dealership in Moselle had up to 44 tires and rims stolen from its models on display!

On the night of January 1 to 2, a Mercedes car dealership in Morsbach, in Moselle (57), was made steal the rims of its cars installed in its parking lot. Rims and tires 11 new cars have been stolen by criminals!

A premeditated and organized act

For the manager of the concession, interviewed by The Republican Lorrain who exposed the case, it is not just a joke. The thieves would have acted in such a way premeditated and organized. If 11 models were completely stripped of their rims, it means that there are 44 pieces to carry. Which requires some preparation.

Another clue: the stripped vehicles are scattered over the entire surface of the parking lot. It is very precise models which would have been identified upstream by the criminals. It could be of an order on behalf of buyers little looking at the origin of the goods.

Police alerted by a local resident

Nobody noticed anything during the night. However, the street is particularly busy in normal times. It was not until the morning of January 2 that a local resident alerted the police, noticing the different Mercedes without rims or tires, balanced on blocks concrete. The concession manager was then alerted. A complaint has been filed and An investigation is underway. Videos from surveillance cameras could help research.

Mercedes can be damaged

In addition to no longer having rims and tires, Mercedes on display may also have their damaged body by the various manipulations carried out by the thugs. The agglomerations on which they have remained posed may also have scratched them. The damage has yet to be quantified.

It is not the first time that the concession is the victim of theft. Three weeks ago, the disappearance of the rims of a car had been reported to the police.

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