What tips to slow down tire wear?



Tires are consumables that remain expensive and can quickly add to your budget. Discover some tips to adopt to limit their wear!

The tires have a fairly variable lifespan, which varies according to the quality of the rubber, the conditions of use or the driving of the motorist.

Generally speaking, a tire can last about 40,000 km, but certain conditions of use can wear them prematurely: here are some tips to delay their wear.

Choose the right tires

Certain brands and models of tires are known to be of best quality, and offer a longer life. Some big names like Michelin, Continental or Pirelli are essential, but you will also have good surprises with intermediate brands like BF Goodrich or Kleber for example. However, avoid first-price tires which will certainly save you money when you buy them, but at the cost of less durability and quality at a discount.

Take care of the maintenance of your tires!

We can not emphasize this enough : maintain good pressure of your tires is essential. If you drive with over-inflated or under-inflated tires, this may cause them to wear abnormally or prematurely. Check your tire pressure monthly, and before each long trip.

Also check the condition of your vehicle, your tires and your suspensions, and have the parallelism and balancing checked by a professional if in doubt. Tire wear can also be slowed down by making your car lighter, by not carrying heavy and unnecessary objects in your boot, for example.

Adapt your driving to preserve them

Adopt a smooth and smooth ride, avoiding sudden acceleration and braking, taking turns with a rope, or rubbing your tires against sidewalks to avoid possible shearing.

Worse than regular wear, damaging your tires can lead to a puncture, which will destroy all your efforts! On a daily basis, favor the engine braking in order to preserve your brakes and your tires at the same time.

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