Tesla has doubled its car sales in 2021!



Tesla can slash Champagne with nearly a million vehicles delivered in 2021. This is a new historic record for the brand of Elon Musk!

Remember: at the end of a 2020 financial year marked by market jolts due to the health crisis, You’re here confirmed its dominant position in the electrical sector by exceeding the 500,000 vehicles delivered.

A year later, the mark ofElon musk can congratulate himself on having almost … doubled his score ! As global auto sales continue to suffer from the consequences of the pandemic, Tesla is posting no less than 930,422 copies produced for 936 172 delivered in the past 12 months.

The Model 3 is the queen of sales

According to figures published by Palo Alto, the Model 3 and its SUV variation, the Model Y, represent more than 97% of sales, be a total 911 208 copies. The Model S, concerned by a design concern, and Model X, have sold 24,964 copies (3%). Remember that their order has been suspended all over the world, with the exception of North America.

Source: Tesla


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