Is it possible to mix all unleaded fuels?



SP95, SP98, E85, E10: unleaded gasoline is found in several types of fuels. Can we mix them without fearing for its mechanics?

At the service station, you are spoiled for choice in unleaded petrol fuels: SP 95, 98, E10, or even E85. But be careful not to go wrong, because not all engines accept them, or it is not always possible to mix them.

First of all, as a rule, the SP 95 can be used on the majority of vehicles manufactured from 1991 onwards, and you can mix it without problem with SP 98, which has a higher octane number. the SP 98 is compatible with all gasoline vehicles, regardless of the year of manufacture, and is therefore recommended for older models.

As to SP95-E10, sometimes only called E10: it was distributed from 2009 in France, and contains 10% ethanol. Its use is possible on gasoline vehicles built from 2000 onwards, but however, to be sure that it can be used without risk in your car, consult the manufacturer’s recommendations. If your model is compatible, then you can easily mix the E10 with the SP 95 and 98.

E85 apart

In recent years, theE85, also called Superethanol, has appeared in service stations: it contains up to 85% ethanol and only 15% unleaded 95, which allows it to display an unbeatable price. To be able to use this fuel, you must have an already compatible “Flex Fuel” engine, or have modified your gasoline car using an approved conversion unit.

If this is your case, then you can refuel your car with E85, and mix it safely with SP 95, SP 98 and SP 95-E10. On the other hand, if your car is not compatible or does not have an E85 box, it is not recommended to use Superethanol in your car or to mix it with other fuels, at the risk damage your engine.

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