This Peugeot 505 station wagon from the 80s transformed into a 4×4 is for sale!



This Peugeot 505 is not like the others. It is about a vehicle modified by the French company Dangel in the Eighties. Result, this model became a 4 × 4. It is now on sale in an Italian garage.

This is undoubtedly a unique opportunity. In any case, it is one of the rare times when you will be able to see a 4 × 4 Peugeot, what is more from the 80s! This Peugeot 505 estate, modified in all-terrain by the company Dangel, is today for sale in the Italian garage Ruote da Sogno for an amount of € 59,000.

The Peugeot 505 produced in only 5,000 units

The Peugeot 505 modified off-road is already difficult to find in the automotive market. It was only produced in 5,000 copies. The station wagon version, as proposed by the Italian garage, was only produced in 500 copies.

A restored model

The offer made by Ruote da Sogno is not entirely original. The production date shows 1985 while the displacement of four cylinders dates from 1995, that is to say 10 years later. She presents 111,022 kilometers on the odometer. The gearbox is manual and has 5 speed to adapt the transmission ratio. The body is two-tone, white on the top, green on the bottom. Inside, the trim is colored gray.

Dangel has been modifying Peugeot vehicles for 40 years

This vehicle is undoubtedly one of the first Peugeot vehicles signed Dangel. The company became known to the lion after presenting it with a Peugeot 504 modified off-road model. Seduced, the French manufacturer signs a partnership with Dangel Cars. Other manufacturers like Citroën, Toyota and Fiat have since joined Dangel. Since its creation, the company has supplied companies or institutions with all-terrain vehicles, in a universe specially adapted to their use.

This is how this Peugeot 505 all-terrain station wagon first ended up in Libya before arriving in Italy to be restored and then sold.

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