Where can you find the free motorway sections in France?



Certain sections of motorways in France today remain toll-free. Find out which ones.

If France practices the system of toll on the vast majority of its motorway axes, there are still a few sections where driving is revealed totally free.

The main roads, called “Non-conceded”, are theA20 (from Vierzon to Gignac), theA75 (between Clermont-Ferrand and Béziers), theA34 (from Reims to Belgium), or theA84 (from Rennes to Caen).

These axes are not the only ones. Around large cities like Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux or Toulouse, the road sections are very often free.

What other solutions to avoid paid sections?

If you are unable to take free highways, don’t panic. There is an interesting legal trick to limit your costs or expressways or expressways. Limited to 110 km / h, or at least 90 km / h, they offer alternative routes sometimes shorter than the highway.


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