What are you risking by rocking your music?



Have you ever wondered what the risk of playing too loud in your car is? Do you risk a fine?

We have all already turned up the sound of the car radio to slightly unreasonable levels… But we have also complained about a car passing by in the street at night with the car. loud music. Either way, it’s good to know what the law provides to regulate these behaviors.

Loss of attention is punished!

Since 2015, you can receive a fine of 75 € for loud music in the car. The idea is that this prevents you from concentrating on driving, but also that it blocks outside sounds (motors, sirens, horns, pedestrians, bicycles), which are essential for safe driving.

But in practice, the application of this law is very poorly supervised. Indeed, the appreciation of this too high level of music is precisely left to the appreciation of the police officer. And rare will be those who will stop you for this reason …

On the other hand, there is no question of using headphones or earphones: it is strictly prohibited. It is also the same rule that prohibits you from making phone calls with a hands-free kit. In this case, you risk a fine of € 90 and a loss of 3 license points.

What about the noise?

If it is unlikely that you get caught out listening to loud music in your car, the traffic ticket is hanging over you. Especially if you are driving windows open with music at a high volume.

As a reminder, the noise is a third class fine. You therefore incur a fixed fine of 68 € (reduced to 45 €). And beware: the noise is not only at night ! If it is at night that excessive noise is most easily spotted, it is also prohibited during the day. But you have to exceed the ambient noise of many decibels, which is not necessarily easy, especially in the city.

In short, if you want to indulge yourself by listening to loud music in your car, there is no choice. You can do this when stationary and windows closed!

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