He gets rid of his new Tesla … with dynamite! (+ video)



Unhappy with his Tesla Model S, a Finn has found nothing better than to detonate it with 30 kilos of dynamite!

In mid-December, some Finns posted a amazing video to say the least on the YouTube channel Pommijätkät. If the comments are in Finnish, you don’t have to be bilingual to understand that something fishy is going on about the Tesla Model S that appears there …

We thus learn the model in question is almost new since barely received a month and a half previously by its owner. the problem ? The Tesla is broke down and a very disagreeable surprise awaited our man.

€ 20,000 or dynamite?

Garage check made, it turns out that a complete battery system replacement was necessary, and this at a cost of 20,000 euros !

Not inclined to free himself from such a sum, not helped by his insurance, the owner then decided to use the hard way to get rid of his barely purchased Model S: the dynamite !


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