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By March 2022, in France, car ads will be accompanied by an ecological message to encourage users to choose other transport alternatives.

“For short journeys, prefer walking or cycling”, “Think about carpool”, and “On a daily basis, take public transport”. Like food pubs, here are the prevention messages which you may find associated with advertisements for new car models. The measure will be implemented from March 1, 2022. The objective of the government, which announced this new measure on December 29, is to encourage the French to use their vehicle less, and therefore, to pollute less.

No distinction between vehicles

Manufacturers therefore have two months to integrate these messages into their advertisements and those, regardless of the engine of the vehicle being promoted. There is no no distinction between an electric vehicle which does not pollute during its use and a thermal vehicle. Whether it is a video, a poster or even a simple image, the new regulations will apply to all media and will be accompanied by the mention “# MoveLessPollute”. If an advertiser refuses or forgets this new regulation, he risks a fine can reach 50,000 euros by diffusion.

Ads for polluting vehicles, banned in 2028

Advertisements for the most polluting vehicles will be completely banned from 2028. These are vehicles emitting more than 123 grams of CO2 / km. The goal is to prepare consumers for the end of the heat engine and the transition to electric. Proposed by the European Commission, the latter is scheduled for 2035. Since 2001 already, European advertisements must include, at least in small size, the consumption and emissions of the vehicles presented.

In France, the automotive sector represents the second biggest part of advertising. The main vehicles put forward by the brands are SUVs, which are very successful.

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