End of career for the Honda NSX!



Have you ever dreamed of buying a new Honda NSX? If so, you will have to hurry. The hybrid supercar will be withdrawn from the catalog at the beginning of 2022!

Honda just communicated new prices for its range, which will come into force on January 3, 2022. Like all competitors, there are slight price increases, and updates to the available options.

But fans of the Japanese manufacturer will linger on an ad that could almost go unnoticed : as of this date, the Honda NSX supercar will be officially withdrawn from the catalog.

In the catalog since 2016

Because yes, the hybrid supercar, launched in 2016, was still in the catalog in 2021. Having received no significant updates (except in the United States with the Acura NSX Type-S), and now less efficient than its competitors, it has lived its end of career discreetly in Europe.

Billed until then 201,500 € excluding penalty, the Japanese still had some good arguments, and in particular a strong 580 hp turbo hybrid V6. An architecture may be too ahead of its time: when it was launched in 2016, offering a V6 at this price was a task against McLaren and Ferrari. But the two manufacturers have since adopted the same engine: the British with the Artura, and the Italian with the 296 GTB.

Will a next Honda NSX be electric?

End clap for the intriguing Honda NSX, therefore. But let fans be reassured: Jon Ikeda, vice president of sister brand Acura, half-heartedly confirmed a succession to the supercar. But the third-generation NSX could be electric

Finally, it remains to be seen whether this second Honda NSX will achieve the iconic status that the first generation had achieved. We also had to wait a few years after the end of his career so that the latter does not become really popular again. While waiting for the continuation, therefore …

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