Commercial vehicle rental for individuals: what you need to know



Renting a utility can meet your transportation needs. Focus on everything there is to know about this service.

Focus on commercial vehicles

A utility is a car used for the transport of goods, tools, heavy loads, etc. There are different types suitable for individuals and professionals, namely:

  • The road truck
  • The large volume van
  • The van van
  • The van
  • The pick-up

For the rental of utilities for individuals, it is possible to do it either at a agency, or on a specialized website.

The advantages of renting a utility vehicle for individuals

The Location duration utility vehicle may vary. The rental may only lastone day, as it can go up to a month. This service has some significant advantages.

the first advantage to rent a commercial vehicle is the convenience. Indeed, it is possible to rent this type of vehicle for several reasons. It may be a move, the movement of heavy objects or the material transport from one place to another. In these cases, these vehicles are essential. However, buying one for one time would be too expensive. The rental is a economical and practical solution.

If you have a big family and you want to go on vacation, car rental is an alternative. With for example a pick-up, you can transport the whole family and store luggage in the back. Thereby, you are not encumbered and have no fear considering the total weight of the vehicle. Once again, this is a solution that is as practical as it is economical.

It is important to mention that commercial vehicles take a lot of space. Parking spaces are already complicated to have, buying one of these vehicles would only increase the problems of parking.

Our advice for peacefully renting your utility vehicle

The rental terms vary depending on the vehicle category. Before renting a utility, it is necessary to take into account certain points.

Assess your needs

The first thing to do is to determine why you need to rent a utility vehicle. This step will allow you to define which is the type vehicle you need. Indeed, you will need different vehicles for a move or for transporting goods.

Know your real needs also allows to determine the vehicle size for hire. This parameter is of great importance and must not be neglected. the volume in m3 vehicle must match your needs.

In order to choose the right vehicle and take the appropriate measures, the nature of the goods to be loaded must be defined. It is important that goods are secure in order to avoid any damage.

The last parameter to take into account is the expected duration of use. The rental must be for a specific period. Exceeding the duration implies unnecessary expenses. And too short a time may not be enough for what you want to do.

Request a quote

For a rental, writing a quote is obligatory. It must always be given to the tenant.

Several mentions must appear on the estimate that the professional gives you before concluding the contract, namely:

  • The date on which the estimate is drawn up
  • Company contact details
  • The characteristics of the offer (rental period, category of car, etc.)
  • The place of key collection and return
  • The rental price with a detailed statement

The quote must also include the rental conditions, as much for the service provider as for the tenant.

Compare the different offers on the market

To find the best offer, it is recommended that you inquire with several rental companies. Once you have gathered the information on the different offers that meet your needs, it is advisable to compare them. The points to be studied are:

  • Rental conditions: method of payment, security deposit, advance on rental, length of driving license, etc.
  • The characteristics of the insurance as well as its amount
  • The guarantees of the insurance contract
  • The contradictory state of the vehicle

The obligations of the professional who leases the vehicle

By renting a utility, the professional is obliged toinform the tenant on all the general rental conditions. He must make information on the terms of rental price calculation and fuel billing. The tenant must be aware of the advances payable before signing the contract.

The delivery conditions of the service are also to be made available to the customer. This concerns, among other things, the conditions of seniority of the driving license as well as the use of the vehicle. Information on insurance must be given to the tenant, in addition to his obligations in terms of maintenance and repair.

The tenant’s obligations

The tenant is responsible for thevehicle maintenance for the duration of the rental. It is important to check the condition of the car before taking it. In case you notice any malfunctions, you can ask the lessor to replace it. If the vehicle breaks down, you must contact the rental company before starting any repairs.

The vehicle return must be done on the date mentioned in the contract. You must return the car with the same amount of fuel as at the start so that you do not have to pay fuel costs. The lessor examines the condition of the returned vehicle to ensure that it has not been subjected to any shame.

Focus on insurance

The company is required to subscribe to a liability insurance, the price of which is included in the rental price. This coverage will cover any damage caused by the vehicle during the rental period. The lessor can offer other guarantees to the tenant. This will protect it in the event of an accident, loss, theft or damage to the vehicle.

It is important to note that the civil liability insurance taken out by the lessor does not covers only damage caused to others. Thus, if you do not take out additional guarantees, you will have to take care of the damage to the rented vehicle. Likewise, any damage you may suffer in the event of an accident will not be covered. It is therefore advisable to take additional guarantees in order to protect you against these possible problems.

If the rental agreement does not provide no deductible, you will be required to reimburse the lessor for the cost of repairs or replacement of the vehicle. With a contract with a deductible, you can take out a optional insurance in order to reduce it.

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