the “muscle car” that makes its name lie



Accompanied by technical modifications as subtle as they are convincing, the legendary Mach 1 label is back on the Ford Mustang to make it more desirable than ever. The Auto-Journal tried the beast …

As if by provocation, the Ford Mustang seems to take great pleasure in feeding the cliché herself that a athletic coming from America is never really one on our side of the Atlantic. It is true that since cockpit, with in the foreground its high perched hood pointing far towards the horizon, in the continuity of a massive dashboard and a stealing a hair too big, the famous pony car first gives the impression of steering a well-stocked container ship rather than leading a sharpened pistarde.

Deconstruct the clichés

The steering a little more geared than the current average, the manual gearbox control virile, shortened for the occasion, and the deep gurgling of V8 are not to dispel this very merchant marine atmosphere. But if the icon ofblue oval maintains so well this image of American Epinal too heavy, too big, too fuzzy, it is in the end to better deconstruct it. All the more so in this Mach 1 version which, for € 8,500 more than a GT, takes care in particular to re-calibrate its controlled damping, its steering assistance and, at the front, to stiffen its springs and anti-roll bars. Staggering phenomenon, the ‘Stang contracts as the pace increases, to more compact and denser.

Despite an apparent nonchalance, this coupe of 4.80 m long likes to be pushed around. A good dose of authority then makes it possible to appreciate an ultimately precise direction if not very talkative. The two axles are supported in unison to expedite the curve with a almost unexpected efficiency, to disgust many Europeans. More surely than the various aerodynamic appendages which would increase downforce by 22%, the suspension, stiff but not too much, fully fulfills its role by rigorously controlling body movements. Which encourages further increase the pace approaching the next bend.

Exit the messy muscle car

The brakes won’t complain. Of a assistance re-configured and improved cooling, the Brembo system responds sustainably with a firm and biting pedal. What the figures confirm. The Mustang Mach 1 manages to stop its almost 1,800 kg readings on our scale in less than 30 m from 90 km / h and in just over 60 m from 130 km / h. Exit the caricature of the muscle car messy. This Ford definitely does not have the behavior its looks and origins suggest. She’s not even the gum-burning machine many imagine.

On the contrary, this propulsion even tends to gently widen the trajectory from the front to kindly warn that its limits have been reached. In the dry, it is necessary to knowingly crush the throttle on the first reports to overcome themechanical self-locking and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S mounted on rims widened by half an inch.

0 to 100 km / h in 5.8 seconds

In such a case, given the generosity of the wheelbase, the fin emerges with relative progressivity and is contained all the more easily. It must be said that the transmission “pulls” extremely long, to the point of somewhat attenuating the grip of the Atmospheric 5.0 V8, more powerful by 10 hp, but not more torque than in the more sober GT. Not far from 130 km / h in second, nearly 180 km / h at full speed … Failing to repeatedly grip the gear lever capped with his billiard ball, the times are frankly affected.

the 0 to 100 km / h, obtained in 5.8 s, remains at 1 full second of the stopwatch promised by Ford, despite the Launch Control. But there is much more frustrating than this half-hearted yet sufficient performance. In the company of such a reduction, the opportunities to go and visit the last graduations of the digital tachometer are unfortunately done far too rare on open road. And that’s a real shame. Because, once again, contrary to received ideas related to nautical character of the American “blocks”, this one reveals a surplus of aggressiveness from 6000 rpm, in a metallic thunder that the active escapement carefully highlights.

A stinging penalty!

In the end, the additional cavalry is obtained even beyond 7000 rpm. If this Mustang Mach 1 is therefore capable of cruising at 130 km / h at around 2200 rpm to maintain a decent consumption, it is nevertheless guilty of CO2 emissions which condemn it to a ecological penalty equivalent to half of its price. And this is how an endearing sportswoman, a minimum of versatile thanks to its small rear seats and its large trunk, and deigning to cross the Atlantic to come and entertain us is rewarded… What a waste!

Ford Mustang Fastback Mach 1: its advantages

  • Efficient behavior
  • Engine full of charm
  • Versatility

Ford Mustang Fastback Mach 1: its minuses

  • Congestion
  • Box too long
  • Merciless penalty

The results of The Auto-Journal

From a refreshing folklore, the Mach 1 brings what it takes to rigor the Mustang without losing anything of its extra soul. An almost affordable success, before the penalty ruins everything.

Our full essay can be found in The Auto-Journal n ° 1097 of 12/02/2021.

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