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Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur is expanding its color range to include all of the brand’s models, including a new palette of historic liveries. Make way for nostalgia …

With its new options Paint to Sample and Paint to Sample Plus, Porsche makes it possible to create tailor-made colors according to customer specifications. “Personalized colors have helped write the history of our brand and are an important differentiator”, explains Alexander Fabig, Classic and Personalization Manager. “With this offer, we are reviving iconic historic colors and expanding the wide range of colors available on our models to more than 160 shades. “

Nostalgia is on the rise

In recent years, the demand for custom colors at Porsche strongly increases. With these new options, the brand’s workshop in Stuttgart has significantly increased its capabilities in this area. A new color mixing bench was commissioned at the main plant in Zuffenhausen, where paint specialists mix dozens of ingredients to the nearest milligram in order to obtain the desired shade.

Each batch is divided into two categories of paint for the body and the added parts. The areas to be painted on the vehicle consist largely of‘aluminum, plastics and carbon composites/fiberglass. This mix of materials as well as the different application methods and drying temperatures require slightly different compositions. Lot comparison plates are painted and serve as color reference samples when final vehicle inspection.

Porsche not only widens its color range, but also restructures it: Custom Color has been renamed Paint to Sample. This option includes preset colors which have already been technically approved by Porsche paint specialists. Let us quote for example the Maritime Blue, the Ruby Red and the Mint Green (see slideshow). These colorful choices of 1990s are highly regarded by Porsche fans. In the past, they were offered on the 911 (Type 964). As part of the development of Porsche’s personalization strategy, these colors are making a comeback.

More than 100 colors for the 911!

The range of colors is very varied and depends on the vehicle and the place of production. For models 911 and 718, more than 100 additional paint colors are available. For the Panamera, Macan and Cayenne, there is more than 50 possibilities, while 65 other colors complete the range for Taycan customers.

The option Paint to Sample can be selected when configuring a new vehicle in the Porsche Center. She adds about three months to delivery compared to standard colors. Prices may vary within the same range, depending on the model. For example, for most models 911 and 718, the option is offered at 8,880 euros including tax; and 9,960 euros including tax for the 718 GT and the 911 Turbo, Turbo S and GT models.

The offer should be integrated into the Porsche configurator from early 2022. Online sorting options, for example by color category, and background information on the different colors will follow.

Paint to Sample Plus : in-depth feasibility study

For custom color requests, Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur goes further: with Paint to Sample Plus, the choice of paint is almost completely free. This option is available for models 911, 718 and Taycan.

The procedure is as follows: the customer gives the Porsche Center a sample of the desired color – everything is possible, from a specific object to a handbag through the color of a nail polish. This sample is then sent to Porsche AG. A feasibility check is carried out there for each request, which can take several months depending on the work to be done.

From there, the Porsche colourists create the formula. These experts develop the shade based on the available paint components. Then, in several steps, the shade is perfected so that it exactly matches the sample. under different light sources. Then the feasibility of the color is tested under production conditions on the car body and attachments.

It is also essential to define thelayer thickness, which allows stable, reproducible and error-free painting. Before painting the customer’s vehicle, the color is applied to a test body. If it turns out that the desired shade cannot be achieved in accordance with usual quality standards, Porsche bears the costs of the feasibility test. The option Paint to Sample Plus is offered from 20,000 euros including tax and varies depending on the model.

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