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From January 1, 2022, the car penalty will have a new much harsher scale in France. To this is added a weight penalty. However, there are specific cases for which it cannot be alleviated.

The more years go by, the more the penalty imposed on car pollution in France increases. However, there are certain conditions to be able to reduce.

Utilities are not affected in some cases

If you own a commercial vehicle of less than 3.5 tonnes, the auto penalty can also be exempt in some cases. For this, your vehicle must be affected the transport of goods or tools, but not to the transport of people or from their belongings.

A large family can reduce the penalty

The reduction in the auto penalty also concerns large families, that is to say foci of three or more dependent childrenwhether adopted, directly affiliated or if you are a foster family. She is from 20 g / km or 1 HP per child.

Be careful though: certain conditions are required. As for people with disabilities, the reduction is only available for one vehicle, but this time at least 5 places. The tax is to be paid at the time of registration of the vehicle, and is then reimbursed by bank or postal transfer.

There is no auto penalty on a PRM vehicle

If you have reduced mobility, the car penalty does not apply. The person acquiring the vehicle must have the inclusion mobility card, with the mention invalidity or a military disability card. This “discount” is only available for one vehicle. Yes your dependent child has a disability, this derogation also applies in the same way. It concerns the purchase of a new vehicle or a long-term rental (LLD).

All the scenarios are detailed on the government public service website.

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