The cup holders of the BMW X7 can trigger the airbags!



Funny surprise for many BMW customers… The X7’s cup holders, if they get wet, can cause the vehicle’s airbags to malfunction!

A collective complaint has just been filed in the United States against Bmw, for a design flaw in the BMW X7 cup holders, which could also be present on other models of the brand.

According to the lawsuit, filed with the Orange County Court in California, the cup holder of the model “Are defective, and not properly designed to hold cups filled with liquid, which cup holders are supposed to do”.

BMW: a sealing problem involved

Indeed, it would seem that when a drink spills into the cup holder, which is highly likely to happen in the life of a car, a sealing problem of the cup holder causes a fluid leak to the airbag control module, which was installed just below it. This water infiltration can then cause the airbags to malfunction, or even their untimely triggering!

Fortunately (or not), BMW has planned the parade, and when such a phenomenon occurs, the car is faulty and refuses to restart : “The car has stopped in the left lane of the highway, and it is no longer possible to drive it. […] An alert on the dashboard indicates to immediately take the car to a dealership. I was towed to BMW and the technician informed me that the fluid damaged a part under the gear lever… The repair costs $ 2,900 and is not not covered by warranty, according to one of the complainants.

For the moment, BMW has not yet officially communicated on this problem, but even if the Bavarian firm plans to recall its defective models, this dispute could well cost it a few million in compensation paid to these American plaintiffs. Other models like the iX3 could also be affected.

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