Tesla’s “video game” under investigation!



In the United States, Tesla is under judicial investigation for allowing passengers to play the “Passenger Play” video game, on the central screen of the dashboard, while driving!

New business for Tesla. In the United States, the Californian manufacturer is the subject of a new survey by the American Highway Safety Agency (NHTSA), equivalent to Road Safety. Function Tesla Arcade, which allows passengers to play video games on the dashboard screen while the vehicle is in motion has been reported by an owner of a Tesla Model. He does not understand how such an application, which distracts the driver, and which occupies 80% of the screen while information useful to the driver should be included, can be safe and authorized.

Passenger Play “implicitly” allows the driver to play

Other sector of Passenger Play singled out: his safety. It is indeed very easy for the driver to use the application while he is supposed to keep his hands on the wheel, or at least an eye on the road. When the application is launched, a simple warning message, announcing that the use is strictly reserved for passengers, appears. You must then press a button to confirm that it is indeed the passenger who wants to use the feature. But in reality, the driver can also press, the vehicle does not make the difference.

580,000 Tesla affected

In total, 580,000 vehicles of the American brand are equipped with this option. It can be Model 3 as well as Model S, Y or X. The whole range of vehicles offered by Tesla may have this equipment. Originally, the function called Tesla Arcade allowed any user of a manufacturer’s vehicle to play video games on the central dashboard screen. However, the vehicle had to be stopped. the Tesla Arcade was launched by the brand in 2017. An update, therefore called Passenger Play allows since this year to play even while driving.

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