New car brands in France (# 4): MG Marvel R (2022)



After launching the electric ZS at a great price, MG is entering the family SUV segment with a more modern and ambitious Marvel R, but facing stiffer competition. Does the Chinese brand already have the means to compete with the biggest? Response in measures.

With his ZS, MG landed in Europe in 2020 with the traditional arguments of a newcomer who must prove himself: a unbeatable price and one plethora of equipment. But today the Marvel R shows that the Chinese brand with the British badge has decided to burn the stages very quickly.

Marvel wants to play in the “big leagues”

It is enough to detail it: numerous chrome, movable recessed handles and much more statutory appearance prove its desire to play in the big leagues, even if the most picky will blame him for banal proportions behind its style effects. They will also notice some rough body panel adjustments. Whatever, the Marvel R does not only cultivate appearances: it receives a battery of 70 kWh, something to familiarize with much more expensive models like the Volkswagen ID.4 and its 77 kWh.

Finally, he inaugurates an original system of two 116 and 75 hp engines placed on the rear axle and connected to a two-speed transmission. Objective: reduce consumption by using one or the other, or even both at the same time depending on the load requested. The MG SUV continues its charm number on board, with his huge central slabe reminiscent of the Tesla and Ford Mustang Mach-E.

All equipment is standard!

The finish appears correct, but it is above all the equipment of our Luxury version that impresses: everything is series, even metallic paint! At the rear, the passengers enjoy a comfortable space and, if the trunk volume is insufficient for a family model, we must add the 90 dm3 available at the front. The first turns of the wheels are reassuring: rather well cushioned, the Marvel R does not suffer from the flaws of youth that we had noted on the ZS. Heading is found to be satisfactory on the road and the grip level does not arouse criticism. Don’t ask him too much anyway!

Poorly positioned panel and poor definition camera

If the driver provokes it, the front axle understeer lazily, while the direction is illustrated neither by its precision nor by its informative character. However, at first glance, the Asian SUV seems to advance very honorable benefits. However, this impression becomes more nuanced over the hours. The central touch screen, which makes it possible to control all the functions, is positioned too far back, forcing you to look away from the road much more than with a small screen positioned high up. The poor definition of the 360 ​​° camera also singularly swears in this technological environment.

More boring, you often have to do it twice to “Click” on the screen, too insensitive to tactile impulses. Finally, the system is not devoid of bugs : we had to restart the bluetooth connection after 10 minutes of unsuccessful attempts to successfully connect a phone. Too bad because, despite some approximate translations, it turns out to be infinitely more modern than that of the ZS. While driving, astonishing upholstery noises appear when passing irregularities: it is “quite simply” the leather seats that rubs on plastic furniture.

Insufficient heading hold on the motorway

FM radio reception is revealed failing, so that we lose the major national radios just ten kilometers from the capital. On the highway, the Marvel R suffers fromInsufficient heading hold and is sensitive to crosswinds. Its active line maintenance system acts with the gentleness of a Chinese labor camp guard: if the driver has the misfortune to activate the turn signal a little too late, he brings the car back very. brutally online. Even reaction without appeal on small road, when this one, too narrow, imposes to bite on the line. It is even downright dangerous given the width of the machine. Cut driving aids is recommended under these conditions.

Faced with our measuring instruments, the Marvel R still loses a little more of its nice insurance. It is not so much his performances, average for the category, which handicap him: 8.4 s to reach 100 km / h remain a perfectly fair time for a 4.68 m SUV. In contrast, excessive consumption of current places it far behind its rivals. On the highway, it burns as much as more powerful 150 hp four-wheel drive models.

It does not compensate for this appetite by its recharge speed: with 90 kW maximum on a fast terminal, it takes a little longer than its competitors to regain its range. We better understand the usefulness of its large battery capacity, but it turns out to be almost … unnecessary. All of a sudden the tarif canon of the MG SUV should be put into perspective. The Marvel R becomes, in fact, broadly comparable to models with smaller accumulators and from more established manufacturers, such as the Skoda Enyaq 60.

MG Marvel R: its pluses

  • Price / equipment ratio
  • Comfort
  • Silent operation

MG Marvel R: its minuses

  • Consumption
  • Driving aids
  • Heading

The results of The Auto-Journal

The Marvel R boasts real qualities of comfort and decent roominess. Nevertheless, it is not as successful as its rivals, its performance and technos not being up to par. But its standard endowment is bloated.

The entirety of this essay can be found in The Auto-Journal n ° 1097 of 12/02/2021.

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