new British police car?



In order to modernize, the British police must acquire electric vehicles. And the Tesla Model 3, in testing, seems perfect for the job.

The Tesla Model 3 could soon equip British law enforcement en masse. The test phase currently being carried out with an example of the electric sedan seems to meet all the criteria. This could therefore lead to a large order from the government across the Channel. There was already talk of Ford Mustang Mach-E on the London side but the cards seem reshuffled.

Autonomy is not a problem

Subject to various scenarios, it has always managed to meet expectations. The main fear quite logically concerns autonomy of the American. First of all, it turns out that all the on-board systems (flashing lights, siren, license plate recognition, database computer, etc.), has minimal impact on power consumption.

Although the UK is not the USA, there may be times when a chase is necessary in order to catch up and stop a reckless driver. Now it turns out that it is at high speed that electric cars consume the most.

But then again, it turns out that the battery capacity is sufficient. Tesla announces that its Model 3 Performance is capable of driving up to 567 km in normal use. After the tests carried out, it seems that it falls to about 300 km in case of pursuit. Amount of mileage more than enough for long races on average between 7 and 14 minutes before interception.

Flash refill

The V3 superchargers also seem to be an advantage over an electric from another brand thanks to the possibility of “quickly” charging your Tesla. A stop of about twenty minutes is enough to recover about 70% of the charge. If this is quick for a connected car, a thermal car will always take less time to refuel.

However, the cost to fill its tank (s) is clearly to the advantage of the Model 3 since it suffices to less than 25 € of electricity against around 90 € of unleaded for Ford Focus STs currently in service. Still on the financial side, Tesla insists that savings can be made on routine maintenance. It is, in fact, no need to carry out regular revisions.

Time will tell whether opting for Model 3 as a response vehicle is a good idea or not.

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