Is Premium Diesel Really Better For Your Engine?



When you arrive at the gas station, you often have the choice between conventional diesel and a “premium” derivative. What are the differences, is it essential?

His name is Excellium at Total, V-Power at Shell, Supreme + at Esso or Ultimate at BP : the Premium diesel is often shunned by motorists because of its more expensive price per liter at the pump, but beyond the financial aspect, it actually has several advantages compared to ordinary diesel.

First of all, you should know that the basis of a premium Diesel is the same as a standard Diesel, which allows you to mix the two in your tank, without risk for your car. However, the difference between the two is the presence ofadditional additives in the “premium” version, which improve the performance of your car and preserve its engine over time.

Indisputable advantages

In practice, these additives have several properties: a detergent effect which makes it possible to “clean” your engine of its deposits, while limiting the clogging of the injectors over time. They also protect the metal parts of the engine against corrosion, while reducing friction to optimize their life. Certain additives also make it possible to reduce the foaming effect of diesel fuel, to limit its odor, as well as to improve the cetane number.

Thus, with a cleaner and more efficient engine, as well as better combustion, the fuel consumption as well as polluting emissions (nitrogen oxide, CO2, carbon monoxide, particles and hydrocarbons) are reduced. According to studies carried out by TotalEnergies, which markets Diesel Excellium, this premium fuel would reduce CO emissions by 1.1 to 1.8%.2 light vehicles, and up to 4.2% on heavy vehicles.

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