Smart Helmets In Recent times: Perfect For A Bike Ride


In India, if you are riding a bike it is a rule to wear helmets to prevent loss of life during accidents which makes them required for bikers according to the local auto accident laws. In case it occurs to you, call an to guide you through this process. Yes, it is a prevention against injury, but in recent times, helmets have been designed with recent scientific technologies to give a good riding experience. In this article, on smart helmets in recent times, you gain information on some models in the market.

  1. Momentum

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If there is one company that can be considered a pioneer in innovation in the motorcycle industry, then you can mention Sena. Now, this company is branching on to the new ground with the Smart Helmet, Momentum.

It has speakers in the perfect position and with noise control technology, you can take calls during riding. You can also listen to music via the phone. There are also options to chat with seven riders via the intercom (in-built). This model is available in two colours – matte black and glossy white.

This helmet has got approval from both DOT and ECE. It has a unique ventilation system where you can take air at the chin and forehead. This model also has an exhaust port at the rear end so you will feel the cool air while on a ride. The visor has been designed to be UV and scratch resistant.


The most important part of the Sena helmet model, Momentum is the warranty. The company offers free repair for five years when it comes to the helmet. For the defective electronic parts, it is an entire two years. The versions are released online so that the technology always stays up-to-date.

And when everything is perfect, can the model be without an app? Yes, it is available. Through this application, you can modify the features, set friendship groups, and set your FM stations via the Sena Smartphone App. There is also another app called the RideConnected App which makes it possible to connect with riders over the entire globe. But as you know, you need to connect via a mobile network.

As mentioned before, the Sena company has already partnered with Digilens (famous for designing augmented lenses) to create a future model. Let us hope that they succeed and you as the customer will have a smart helmet designed for the perfect ride.

  1. Cross helmet X1

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This model also has good features similar to the Sena model, Momentum. Now let us look into them one by one.

Rear View Camera – The blind spots get eliminated. And this helmet gives a 360-degree view of the road. So you need not move your eyes all around while riding the bike.

HEAD-UP DISPLAY – In a normal bike and normal type helmet, you need to stop and check in the mobile regarding weather, time and route directions. But in this model, you get the entire information on HUD and you can find it on your helmet front interior.

SOUND CONTROL – Many times, you face stress during a ride. The reason sounds from the nearby vehicles. But in CrossHelmet model, the noise control system reduces the unwanted noise to a low level.

SAFETY LIGHT – You can find the LED lights mounted on the helmet. They are present at both ends to provide visibility and safety during the ride at night.

  1. Skully

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The model Skully made an entry to the bike market in the middle of 2016. But the company went to another manufacturer in 2017. And then a new model came to light known popularly as Skully Fenix AR.

When it comes to the features, you have

  • The model is DOT certified
  • Has EQRS or Emergency Quick Release Straps
  • Heads-up Display
  • Pinlock Visor as well as Clear Anti-fog Pinlock Lens
  • Hands-free control of music channels
  • Rear view camera
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Comfort padding in the interiors
  1. Quintessential Design

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The company went into the market stating it will manufacture a very light smart helmet. This model does not have HUD or the rear camera. But it excels in other features such as possession of the Bluetooth integration, SOS beacon as well the crash detection/response.

To communicate with other riders or non-riders, the helmet has mike and speakers fit perfectly. You do not have to compromise on comfort. This helmet is famous for having the first model to implement Crash Detection feature. It has an accelerometer which can detect as well measure a crash.

  • It also has an Arc Chip which makes use of Bluetooth to correspond either with the sensors or with the smartphone.
  • The software updates are automatic and when you plug the helmet to the USD cable, they are complete.
  • The model is built on the principle of aerodynamics. The vent system can reduce noise, and you can also get cool air in the helmet. At the same time, the audio quality never gets compromised.
  • The tinted visor present at the HUD prevents the sun rays from causing distraction during the ride.
  1. Livemap

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Similar to the Sena company which was considered a pioneer in the motorbike industry, even Livemap is also edging forward by bringing augmented reality to helmets. You can get information on the roads in a projected image instead of confusing displays.

The front portion of the helmet is designed to display perfect images even in the most difficult weather conditions. The glasses can quickly adapt to the environment.

  1. NuViz

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The model from this company has a HUD with controls that prevent distraction during the ride. It removes the requirement for single devices for the camera, and best for listening to music and navigation apps. All of these features have been embedded in one device. You can just focus on the ride.

  • Navigation – This helmet comes with inbuilt GPS, so you do not require a phone to find your present location or future destination.
  • Music – You can listen to your favorite songs during the ride. You can play on Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify or Google Play.
  • You can capture the best memories via photo or video via this helmet model which is amazing and we recommend invideo for best video editing.
  • The options are available to receive calls or call your friends and relatives via the headset.
  • Also if you have a bicycle you’re still going to need a helmet to avoid any casualties. You can get it at this bike shop Adelaide at a very comfortable price.


Yes, smart helmets have come, but they are still to evolve. And we have given the best models in the smart industry business. But is that all? If you have a smart helmet is that enough? No, the bike should also be in perfect condition. So, let us imagine you are in Bangalore and have not yet bought a smart helmet even though having a bike in the garage.

At present, when you need maintenance service for the bike, what is the next step if the bike is in Bangalore? You opt for companies which offer bike servicing at home Bangalore, aren’t you? These companies offer personal service in Bangalore for even every type And ensure that the bike stays of home appliances. in perfect condition. In the future, technologies may come where the smart helmet can detect a problem with an important part of the bike and then send a message to your mobile or email. AI is going to affect bike repair and helmets in a big way.

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