Cars under 6 lakhs:Top 10 best car under 6 lakhs in india 2022


Cars under 6 lakhs: Looking for a car with a low budget?  You may be interesting in the 10 Facts About Transit Custom Lease That Will Instantly Put You in a Good Mood as well here I have a list of top 10 petrol/ diesel cars below 6 lakhs. Here in India, most of the cars get sells great under 4 to 6 lakhs, the best part of these cars is that it is pretty easy to get a  diesel engine repair when needed.


Here are the Top 10 best cars under 6 lakhs 2019

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Renault kwid 2019

People who are looking for the car under budget can start with the new Renault kwid AMT, Its start at price rupees just- 2.54 lakhs. Everyone will fall in love with the headlights for sure! This car, fully loaded with some smart features and this is a perfect car for family of four. In the interior, Renault added features like 3 mode automatic gears, On Dashboard, They switched all system into a digital. Smart inbuilt display with mobile app connectivity features (android auto – Apple car play) and newly added first-ever charge port in the backside. On the exterior, The wheel arc cladding with the ground clearance of 180mm gives the minicar into a dashing cross look. On the other hand, Renault kwid Amt has a camera and parking sensors in the rear. The highlighted body parts to give the extra powerful look to the exterior.



Maruti Suzuki Celerio (AMT)

If you looking for a car with some safety features and mini as well, You Can go for Maruti Suzuki Celerio. Looking into the interior, Newly designed seats give an extra star to the interior. Also, they added safety features such as dual airbags in front, 3 modes of  Automatic transmission made driving easy. The infotainment system in the dash may disappoint you because of the absent of smart touch screen display and parking system. Looking into the engine, which is able to generate mileage about 23.1 km per litre in petrol and 31.2 km per Kg in CNG. Those who are looking for milage car Maruthi Suzuki celerio is one of them.

Datsun Go Plus

Datsun Offers the best deal for the customers by launching Datsun Go Plus. This car has seating capacitance of 5+2 Arrangement perfect for a family of 6 members, The price ranges from 3.5 lakhs for starting variants and ends 5.7 lakhs for higher variant. In the lower variant, you may miss some features. In the higher variant, Datsun offers 7-inch touch screen display which supports features like Android Auto and Apple car play & Reverse car parking sensors, Adaptive rain wipers, 2 airbags in front for safety. many more. All Datsun Go plus powered by a 1.2-litre petrol engine and gives 18 km per litre which is the best milage for 7 seater car. 18 mm ground clearance makes the car look high and powerful, The Tight turning radius steering makes the car safe while turning and ABS and braking assist makes the car more safety. Datsun Go plus comes in 5 different colour Red, Opel white, silver, Brown.

Hyundai Santro (2019)

Hyundai Santro, The successful model from 1988 bangs with new Santro 2019. In this version, buyers will get more features and additional 3 years of support from Hyundai. Hyundai made a specification in the interior so far, They added quite new features like Steering shortcut buttons, Dual-tone leathers, Smart Button Control near gear side, Power windows and 4 member seating capacitance with backside A/C controls and Also offered 7* inch touch screen infotainment system makes car complete, Santo offers both manual and 3 Mode automatic gear control and the boot has a big capacitance for the travellers and CNG cylinder. Reverse car parking system with camera, ABS, Front side airbags, Strong Body ensures Saftey and convenience to the passengers. If you are looking for the best car Hyundai Santra is one of them. The price of the Santro start at Rs. 3.9 Lakh. The lowest price model is Hyundai Santro D Lite and the most priced model of Hyundai Santro Sportz CNG priced at Rs. 5.68 Lakh with three different available colours.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R (2019)

Maruti Suzuki Rereleased their successful model wagon R 2019. Similarly, they updated the interior with a new 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, Automatic transmission, more legroom for comfort and shares big boot space at back. The base model starts at Rs 4.3 Lakhs and the top model ends with 5.4 lakhs. Jumping on the exterior, Newly developed Maruti robust car design and the 180 mm ground space makes the car big enough to look strongly attractive. The car comes with Both Manual and Automatic modes and shares milage about 20-kilometre per litre. The Maruti Wagon R also has Dual Airbag in front and ABS Breaking technology for safety.


Nissan Micra Active

Nissan Micra Active, A small Compact Hatchback for people of 4, Powered by the smooth and efficient 1.2-litre petrol engine offered by the Micra Active generates 68 ps generates mileage about 20 km per litre The price of the car ranging from 5.2 lakhs which includes features like a centre control audio system with a 6.2-inch screen touchscreen, Active headlights, Nissan mobile app controls, Steering mounted buttons for ease of access. Added some safety like dual airbags, ABS braking, Reverse parking system and many more…

Volkswagon Polo

Volkswagon is a top international Car brand that has a good name in the auto industry, Polo model which comes under Rs.5.40 lakh has standard features like a multifunctioning steering control system, Touch screen Panel for entertainment purpose, Auto rain-sensing wiper, Electronically controllable side mirrors, Dual Airbags and ABS for Saftey and Enjoy your long ride using Cruise control, Cruise control that maintains the speed of your car while you drive, This enables hassle-free long driving experience. Volkswagen polo comes with two engine option, MPL standard diesel engine for the base model and 1.4 TDI Diesel engine in the high-end model. Both engines generate 19.8 km per litre, the higher model ends at Rs. 8.4 lakhs, and having auto insurance is important for this, you can Compare Fleet Insurance Cheap Motor Fleet Cover Quotes Online to find the best insurance for  your car.

Ford Figo

Ford Figo, priced base model at Rs. 5.3 lakhs and higher model at 6.9 lakhs one of the best compact hatchback with highly improved features like Multifunctional steering wheel control system, recreational purpose touch screen panel, auto rain-sensitive wiper, electronically controllable side mirrors and ABS. First time in the history of mini cars which under 6 lakhs added 6 Airbags front and backside of the car. For those who want safety features high, they go for Ford Figo. Both the base model and the high-end model generate the same amount of mileage about 20.1 km per litre. The base model buyers may miss some features like touch screen, power windows in back etc. If you looking for the best car from the above two go for 5.99 lakhs one. If you are interested on buying these Ford models, you can check the Pre Owned Ford Vehicles for Sale online, if you are lucky enough you’ll find the car you need.

Tata Tiago AMT

The biggest Indian car brand Tata Motors launched the Tata Tiago at the price of 4.44 lakhs and high model goes up to Rs.6.66 lakhs. Tata has so far developed a specification for the interior, adding new features such as steering wheel buttons, dual-tone leather, smart button control near the gear side, 4-seat seat capacity with power windows and rear A / C controls and a 7 * inch touch screen infotainment system, Tata offers manual and 3 mode automatic gear control that made drive easy while driving in traffic. Reverse car parking system, ABS, front side dual airbags and strong body ensures safety and comfort for passengers. Looking into the engine, Revotron 1.2L 3 Cylinder Petrol Engine and diesel engine offers mileage about 16.0 km per litre.

Maruti Suzuki Swift (2018-19)

Last but not least, Here is the best in class Maruti Suzuki Swift, From the year 2011 Suzuki made success by launching swift. swift got the award for the Indian car of the year 2018-19 by AutoX and ICOTY. Swift has a separate fan base Because the car starts at rupees at 5.4 lakhs and offers high-class features, Best mileage and performance. The success continues, This time they added features like the 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, Automatic transmission, more legroom for comfort and shares big boot space at back, Added a reverse camera and parking sensors, Dual Airbags in front, Tough steel basement, ABS braking system etc. The Automatic transmission powered up by 1.2 L engine delivers mileage about 21.1 km per litre and in diesel engine, It delivers 21.1 km per litre.

Maruti Suzuki swift 2019 interior -features


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