Elon musk conformed that Model Y is SUV

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After the success of Tesla model 3, Tesla fans are expecting the model y,  After the tweet from the CEO of Tesla –  Elon musk, it goes real. Yes! Model y will be revealed on March 14 on LA design studios. Musk also said that it is an ‘SUV’, 10% bigger than model 3 as well as in price too. The battery will be the same but with slightly less in Power & mileage. Details and specs also will be revealed in the event.

AfteMachr Model X, it’s a second ‘SUV’ for the Tesla family. May this model y SUV have some different type of features like Tesla model x. Expecting falcon doors in this SUV too…❤ Model X is the first electric SUV to have 0-100 km/h in 5.2 sec and 3.2 sec in the p100D version which costs more than the normal. Model X made some Guinness world record by pulling the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the record continues. Competating with high-end cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini model x made some mouth shutting reply to the electric car haters and grabs the all hearts for the SUV. But in Model y, we can’t expect too much in the power, As Elon musk mentioned in a tweet, The car is 10% more in the bigger size, if you want know more about electric cars we recommend you check 15 Most Underrated Skills That’ll Make You a Rockstar in the New Electric Vans For Sale Industry.

Tweet by Elon Musk about Model Y

Model Y unveil event on March 14 at LA Design Studio.

Model Y, being an SUV, is about 10% bigger than Model 3, so will cost about 10% more & have slightly less range for the same battery.

Detailed specs & pricing will be provided, as well as test rides in Y.

– @elonmusk.

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