2019 BMW X7 Feature, specs,Unveiled….

2019 4×4

BMW finally unveiled the new BMW X7 2019 Features and Details…

Highlights of 2019 BMW X7

  • BMW’s First 3-Row seating Arrangement…
  • The new Massive Kidney grill ever before..
  • Biggest SUV Compared to Land Rover*

Past, BMW released the prototype 2019 BMW X7  to the Experts, In that there is a no guess of features of the car, Now finally they revealed the features Publically.

Bmw x7 2019, One of the biggest Suv made ever Before in the BMW series. Also, the car holds the record of having first 3-row seat setup in the BMW history. The massive kidney grill and extraordinary interiors make the car super cool. The biggest kidney grill (Biggest ever in BMW) and the J- Themed LED headlights to front smooth.

Jumping into the interior, The seats can hold up to 7 Peoples comfortably, Nothing changed, Like traditionally the second row can Fold/ unfolded electronically. The Bmw x7 2019 comes with the three- Part panoramic sunroof. The new futuristic control for the audio system and infotainment.

The steering has all control on them, The improved blue and grey soft-touch mixed coating with developed leather and wooden design make the interior pleasant. As mentioned above, The dashboard has a new futuristic 12.7-inch screen to control the Hardon – Kardon Sound system and Four type climate control and all other function of the car.

BMW X7 2019, Comes with the number of engine option, It has 3.0-litre, in-line six-cylinder petrol with 335 bhp and a 4.4-litre, twin-turbo V8 petrol with 456 bhp on offer. There is also the 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder diesel too with 256 bhp and a more powerful 400 bhp version on offer. All BMW x7 2019 comes with all-wheel drive and 8- automatic speed control.

Coming out to the exterior, The hight of the car is about 1800mm and 2000mm in width. The car fully developed with new air suspension for the ultimate comfort. At behind, The car comes dual silencer, strong bumper and tweaked with new long type LED tail lights to give the more strong look into back also.


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