Here are the Bugatti Divo Features and Images from the launch….

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Here is the most awaited sports car of the year, Bugatti Divo For you… Check out the new exclusive images and Bugatti divo features…

They priced this car 5 million euros (41 crs in India (approx) ) and The fun fact is that They made only 40 units of Bugatti divo, But they all got sold out and bought by owners of Chiron, after the launch. 5 million euros is not big in front of this beast. Oh man, Look at the design of the beast…

Highlights of Bugatti divo Features…

They set the price of Bugatti divo 4 million euros ( 41 crs)*

Bugatti Divo can Reach 0-60 mph in  2.4 seconds

They built divo extremely for the corners…

Divo has more Aerodynamic works on body…

Jumping into the features, The interior and exterior are stuffed with full of advanced engineering. The design and aerodynamics of the body make the car perfect for the corners. You definitely g0ot to take this car to mobile car cleaning carlton more often to make it look shiny and amazing on the streets.

Ok, What is meant by corners Perfect?

Because of the corners, In case of Sports cars they lose the speed and grip during taking turn or drift on corners.Because of in perfect design and suspensions… Bugatti is continuously working in the past to make the corners Perfect, although if you want to find some great vehicle deals, you can go to sites as OurFairDeal online to find the best cars for you

To make the Bugatti divo corner perfect, this time they worked on the suspension and weight of the body, The weight of the body is 35 kgs less than the Chiron and Makes 435 kgs downforce in top speed.

Maximum Speed of Bugatti Divo?

Under the body, It shares engines of Chiron, The W14 engine generates the maximum 1479 Bhp and reaches 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds, Same as Chiron. It has more airflow area to keep the engine cool.

The central fin derived from the Type 57SC Atlantic defines the longitudinal axis of the vehicle when viewed from above and ensures a clean airflow over the rear of the body. This is why people calling Bugatti as a god of design, The fin design is derived from the vintage car of Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic.

In front, The big curve aerodynamic cup and right and left side channels intake the hell of air and make the divo sleeker. The new types of headlights designed by Bugatti to give a stunning look for divo. The front grills and damper, Even the wiper blades are made up of carbon fibre to reduce the weight of the car.

In back, Divo having a very new type of led lights and Spoilers, The Spoilers helps to reduce the speed of the car when it reaches the maximum. The backlights are sparking independently and give the more powerful looks to back also… Especially the four Silencers… Tires also having channels to flow air, and reduce the heat of brake.

The interiors look like same as Chiron, But they reduced some unwanted space to focus the car on the track, The well-developed bucket seat makes the car sports ready. It has handle shift automatic gears for a quick access and a manual gear too… As an industry leader in auto glass replacement, autoglass tec provides the highest quality windshield replacement services for our customers.

In Tribute of  French Motorsport racers ” Albert Divo,” Bugatti has named this model as “Divo”, Divo also won 4 times cup for Bugatti in French motor racing… For more Stay Tuned!

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