Mumbai and Pune Getting India’s First Hyperloop One Transportation…

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Mumbai and Pune to Get India’s First Hyperloop one Transportation, Hyperloop one the alternative transport option which travels with the speed of 1000 km/h in a vacuum cylinder. The Trails Still going on Las Angels, USA.

Alternative of Flight: Mumbai to Pune in 25 Mins, By Hyperloop One…

Hyperloop one in Mumbai

The USA oriented company Virgin, to make the Hyperloop one in India, Traveling by flight takes 30 mins + 1-hour security check before the departure, That’s quite boring, Hyperloop One Takes only 25 mins to reach Pune and breaks all rule of traveling. Hyperloop one Uses Electrical and magnetic energy to run the machine. Let check out the features and Pricing.

Hyperloop One in the USA

What is Hyperloop One? How its Works?

The Hyperloop one uses electrical energy to run the motors and magnetic energy helps to move faster, Another reason of fast is, the machine is running under a vacuum cylindrical loop which reduces opposite force. Literally, You will get a feel of flying, But Actually not. The hyperloop one is 2-3 times faster than bullet trains and 15 times faster than a normal passenger train. The system can draw power from whichever energy sources are available along the route. If that means solar and wind, then the entire system is 100% carbon free.


Hyperloop One in Mumbai

How Much Time takes Hyperloop one to cover other Parts of India?


  • Mumbai to Pune in 25* Mins 

  • Ahmedabad to Mumbai  in 40* mins (Approx)

  • Mumbai to Chennai in 1* hr (Approx)

  • Chennai to Bengaluru in 50* mins (Approx)

  • Hyderabad to Chennai in 50* mins (Approx) 

Other Routes in India

First, the project will start at Maharashtra State followed by Karnataka and Andra Pradesh. The Ticket Price is not decided yet, But the price may be a bit higher than an airline ticket. Most of the People believing that CEO Of SpaceX and Tesla“Elon Musk” is the founder of hyperloop one, But in the hyperloop one website, they Clearly mentioned this…

Q:Is Elon Musk an investor or affiliated with Virgin Hyperloop One?

A: No, but we share the same goal of wanting to see hyperloop become a reality worldwide.


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