Elon Musk Wants to add thrusters in Tesla’s Upcoming model Roadster…

2020 Electric car

Yeah… You heard right… Elon musk Really wants to add the thrusters in the Upcoming model of Tesla Roadster Second Gen. They named this model SpaceX version. When I Said the name thrusters… you will get an idea of rocket thruster which contains solid fuels or liquid oxygen…

But in Tesla Roadster SpaceX version is completely different, They going to add air as a booster fuel in thrusters… The car will have two thrusters in front, And two in the backside.

Tesla Roadster 2020

Already, Tesla is the Fastest Electric car in the World, Which Accelerates 0- 60 MpH in 1.5 Seconds. But Musk Wants to make the car faster.

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