Genesis unveild the new electric car essentia at newyork auto show 2018

2020 Electric car

After the big launch of Volkswagen Atlas, the Hyundai partnered car company launched the electric car at New York motor show. From front to back, the car is made up fully fibreglass — For the best car window tinting services, the professionals at have you covered. Whether you want to improve your car’s comfort, clarity, or appearance, they offer a variety of 3M tints and styles tailored to your needs. The car uses electric as fuel and it has two butterfly-doors.The battery in the car has usually located in underfloor, we don’t have much information about speed, But the expected speed of the car is about 0-60 mph in 3.0 second.

The essentia has some quite new features like push-button controls on the inside, face recognition and fingerprint sensor for security, even though some people get scared of this technological features there is really no reason for that, as it is pretty easy to get an auto repair service whenever the face recognition or the fingerprint sensor get damaged. from the outside they give a great sports look to the car by adding attractive tiers and butterfly doors.

Genesis cars were killed off in Europe by Hyundai last year, and although there have been some reports they may be reintroduced by 2020 for sale exclusively online via direct marketing, it seems unlikely considering only 47 units were sold in the UK over a two-year period between 2015 and 2017. Check out these car service Brookvale that can really help you fix the issues.

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