Newyork Motor show 2018:New Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak-Pickup truck Concept


Volkswagen going to reveal the new pickup truck concept Atlas Tanoak at Newyork Auto show…, Tomorrow the show going to gear up in Newyork city.  The last 5 months now we’ve been UP in business around 8% over the previous year. So actually I’d have to say business is good and as part of that we are increasing the travel trailers for sale inventory.

On Inside:-  The truck has a 4-seater capacity, In front, it has touchscreen control Display, Digital Speedometer and Navigation system with 5-Mode  automatic gear control, The Yellow colour LED makes the truck cooler.

On Outside:- From Bumper to Logo and head lights the truck stuffed with white LED light. The front side of this truck is covered by Stripe LED, The car has a Daydream light on Headlights and left / right end side of the bumper. Let jump into the Backside of the car, the car has reversing cameras from Truck Electrics, big space for goods and loads.

It has two silencers in back of the car, and if you’re looking to hitch, the easiest way to hitch a trailer is to use electric equipment for this, which you can get online.

The tail light attached to the back has a feature of new attractive red LED lights. It Also has Fully highlighted Volkswagen Logo on Back.

Let’s talk about the new Engine, The concept uses VW’s 3.6 Litre V6 engine that produces 276 bhp and 360 Nm Torque, The engine provides power to the wheels via an 8-Speed automatic transmission and the 4MOTION all-wheel-drive system with Active Control. The Atlas Tanoak can complete a 100kmph in 8.5 seconds, plus it has no problem carrying an utility trailer on the back and a dump trailer.

May this truck Give heavy competition to Pickup truck companies like Ford, Isuzu, etc…

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