Mercedes benz unveild the new hatchback A-Class


World’s best luxuries car maker Mercedes- Benz unveiled the new hatchback A-class at  Amsterdam,Netherland.This time with New look and best in class interior designs and they also introduced the New way to start and access the car,Read More.


  • New developed digital interiors 
  • “MBax”-The New assistant
  • 224-horsepower A250

Say hi to the  New interior: Mercedes benz improved the interior with New digital dashboard and introduced assistant “MBax” to access the controls with more ease. (Like: Switch the radio on ) & more.Active Brake Assist help you to make drive safe.Lane Keeping Assist,The system can recognise inadvertent lane departures and can warn the driver with pulsating steering-wheel vibrations.The car comes with 5 seater capacitance and new developed seats gives more to the interior.

The most powerful model available will be the 224-horsepower A250, but enthusiasts will likely want to wait for the A45 AMG which is expected to take German hot hatchery into the 400 horsepower club.

For more stay tuned…..


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