Boom XB-1 The supersonic flight


In this post iam going to talk about the new feature flight the Boom XB-1 supersonic.What is special in this flight?The flight has a new developed aerodynamic bodies and designs with developed supersonic general electric engine with new type of seat arrangement and the best think is that the flight can reach Londen to  Newyork with in 3.5 hours.with the speed of 2,335 Km/h (1260.799 knots).Boom is the american company which developing this project.Next year the flight going to Test their first fleet.

And the flight  can operate by two pilots with 4 crew member Like Tejas jet this flight has a delta type wing which makes the airflow perfect and makes the flight smooth and Aerocomfort. Speed is not enough to the flight because of the speed the flight produces more heat and may the speed makes  impact on aerodynamic design.Hence they used carbon fibre the material which makes the flight weightlessness and heat absorb.When it comes supersonic the main part of the flight is engine.

Engine which makes the flight complete.In this flight they used 3 General electric engine (G8521).This engine works on the bases of after burning fuel system with the help of this the flight can produce more thrust.The Boom compered with mini concord flights.The flight is 2.6*then the ordinary flights.And it has a capactiy to fly in 60,000 feet above the sea level.The seating arrangement of the flight is 45 person.The interior of the flight made like business class and with more comfort and stuffed with new technologies.Early vergin atlantic ordered 10 planes and next year ending the flight will fly  around the world.Stay tuned!Autotech0

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