OBD-On board diagonastics


Today iam going to talk about the technology which changed the main problems in automotive industry OBD(On board diagonastics system) Before an OBD system is hard to find the fault in the car.In 1996 the engineers maded the manual diagonastic syestem.In classic models the three female plugs  are placed seperately And present in bonnet of the car.In modern cars the female plug present inside of the car.Now a days the optimization is done by laptop and mobile using software or app.And it is easy to use and check the oil,pressure,engine maintenance,interior function etc.

OBD syestem

Manual (classic):-In manual system the mechanic puts the plug into the sperate female plug to know about the status and condition of the car.In manual optimization machines are big and heavy.They looks like petrol filling machines.

Automatic (modern):-Now we are using modern OBS system.Which is user friendly and easy to use by connecting plug or wifi.And it shows all top to bottom status of the car.For more connect with us.Autotech0


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