2017 Seden

Today im going to talk about the new jaguar XE .The company which makes the seden more comfort and attractive.let see the features of jaguar XE.


Interior&comfort :-This time jaguar made the sum extra stuff in inside the car.The leather seat and features makes the car more cool.The amazing dashboard has some new features.The front display gives the lot information of the car.The volume button like gear panel gives the easy changing gear in the car.The “Jaguar in control” The new technology was added in this car which makes the car fully controlled.This technology can controlled by voice or touchscreen.Can controll call and navigation by saying. And it has SOS call system which locate your cars location and gives the information to nearest point during critical situation.It has a new switch all whether condition button which helps the car drive in any season.This technology sense the weather and makes the car’s moves perfectly. 12_jdx_xe_s_02_interior-1366x768_tcm76-212303_desktop_1366x768

Exterior:-The body of a car is made up of aluminum which gives the less amount of weight in car.The every jagur made fully aerodynamically.The car has long body which maded for comfort and stability.The extra ordinary LED head lights gives the amazing front look for the car.It has 4 doors in side of the car and one in back.The inverse L shape tail light makes car’s look cooL.bxh_xe_17my_005_gbl-gcbw-desktop-590x285_tcm76-212239_mobile_480x232

Engine:-In jaguar XE they fited 2L,four cylinder engine with 1,999 cc,petrol engine with six speed manual transmission .It gives maxium performance to the the car.The car can reach upto 0-60 mph in (7.3 sec) and it produces 380 n/m torque.The top speed of the car is 141 mph.xf_16my_110_gbl_models_desktop_910x600_tcm76-212283_desktop_910x600

Tyres and suspension:- Stability and control of the car is fully depend on tyres and suspension.In XE the tyres and suspension are maded fully sensible with new jaguar incontrol technology.Driver can adjust the car by season button which adjust the tyre for all weathers and suspension too.

Price and models:- The price of the sedan is different for different model. Jaguar comes with four model customer can choose own option.


  • JAGUAR XE                        $35,895
  • JAGUAR PORTOFILO        $38,975
  • JAGUAR PRESTIGE             $42,784
  • JAGUAR XE-R SPORTS       $45,896






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