Lamborghini Centenario


Lamborghini …One of the famous sports car in the world which launches best sports car in every year.In 2017 Lamborghini introducing Centenario.The car designed fully aerodynamically with carbonfiber material and glass fiber.First lamborghini intorducing black and yellow(at bottom) color.


Interior:-As we Know Lamborghini cars are made like fighter jet.The interior also contain a features like fighter jet. The features are similiar to  aventador but this time more than aventador.Coming to the dashboard….The dashboard contain digital HD screen.It dispalys all defective and maintaining information of the car.The red cap button (ON/OFF) ignation and sports,parking,speed gear option response button which  present in the right side of the car.The sports seat gives the more to the interior.The yellow and black color coated seat gives the  more comfort to the driver. The steering gives the full control to the car it has a all control button on it.The digital speedometer gives the accurate speed and gear shifting information.


Exterior:-Centernario made fully aerodynamically with carbon fiber material and glass fiber in front and back.Carbon fiber material gives tough and weightlessness to the car.The car has two doors and the chassis are made fully aerodynamically and rully synced with the body. To make it a bit less frightful, the Centenario’s aero­dynamics are, in Reggiani’s words, improved dramatically. We have close to double the downforce of the normal Aventador, and we also beat the Superveloce.2017-Lamborghini-Centenario-LP770-4-204-876x535powertrain & Engine:- The main requirement of a sports car is speed.Speed is very importent in sports car.In Centenario they made it!This time Lamboghini used same v12 engine but with more development developed exhause syestem770 PS. The engine has a power of 759 horse on it.The car can reach upto 217 MPH.2.7 seconds required to reach 0-60 MPH.The car can hit 186 MPH in 24 second.

Price:-Price of Centenario not announced officially yet…. but approx value of the car is 2.4$ USD.For more updates connect with us Autotech0.

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