the Volvo XC90


Introduction:-This new T8 hybrid car is expected to launch in this festive season in India.This will be quite unique according to the way it is engineered.The engine has 4 cylinder unit to power XC90.Its a turbo charged 4 cylinder DOHC 2.0 litre engine makes it 320PS of maximum power.It comprises     z400 horse power and 640Nm of torque.On Full charging it goes 38 km.The speed of a car is  0-60 in 6second.The car can reach upto 14 miles with electrical power.It has a all wheel drive option which help to drive easy in off roads.Its looks more luxuries and spacious and this will grab all the humans heart for structure.


Interior:- The awesome dashboard gives the amazing features newly developed navigation syestem,voice calling,stereo syestems ,live response etc.The 10 inch screen displayes the all information of the car.(ac controls,video player , reverse parking camera with 360 view).It contain 7 comfort leather seat.The sensable display which gives update quickly.The car has 8 airbags inside.The automatic gear makes the car perfect.And it has a all other features like: auto lamp,Sensible wipers etc.It has 19 speakers in inside of the car which makes car feels cool inside.The customer has two option  brower and wilken surround syestem which gives the amazing sound inside the car.


Exterior:- The XC90 specially made for offroad the wheel base in the car makes high it helps go in smoothly in off road.The broad tyre gives the stability to go on the onroad and offroad with stylish alloy frame. The body made up of  aluminum which gives the car feel weightless.The shape in the front of the car flow the air from bannet to the engine .which help to cool engine from heat.The long led in rear and the front angel light gives amazing look to the car.Big body has a big performance from stability to strong.And the big logo makes the car more attractive like Gentelman.

price and critics:The car has a amazing interior features all wheel drive option and best customer opinion.hence autotech0 gives 4/5.The best selling offroad car in the world.  The car comes with $56,749 USD.Based on T6 Momentum 4dr SUV AWD (2.0L 4cyl Twincharger 8A).on road price. connect with us.

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