Next 100 concept


What is next hundred years?what wil happen in next 100 years?…we don’t know but…In automotive industry the next hundred years is here.Today we are going to see about next hundred years feature and technology.In this next 100 years concept three companies are involved.But two companies release d their models.They are bmw and rolls -royce.


  • Bmw:- The company which is for design and sports.Bmw nxt 100 provides a new technology to the car like self control technolgy.(cruise control).It has a DAS (driving assistant syestem) the sensor locate in the front of the car.Which detect the what is front of the car .The steering in the car feel like a small flight.Automatic doors etc.Tyres in the car damn good.Source-Rolls-Royce
  • Rolls-royce:- The car which for classy look and comfort.Same in this next 100 rolls royce putted the classy look in rolls royce.It has a same technolgy like bmw. But in this car the it has a cabin like interior.Which contain large screen in the cabin voice control syestem and speaker. It has only large sofa seat for two persons. The structure of the car look like suv.The tyres in the car look like seperated.The same rolls royce structure and classy look given by nxt 100 vision.

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