Tejas -Fighter jet

Fighter jet

Today we are going to see about a the jet born from india and born for india.The jet fully made in india.From hindustan aeronautical department.


Tejas is second super sonic jet by the hindustan aernautical department.Tejas  has a single seat for 1 pilot.two seats are avilable only in trainer jet.The flight came from  light combat aircraft.It has double delta wings which sweeps 50 degree.outer wing leading 62.5.no tail.Tejas means the sharpness ,brightness in hindi.The given by ex prime ministar vajpaei.It has single super sonic  engine that gives maximum performence to the flight.The delta wing gives the amazing aerodynamic shape to the flight and makes the flight freeze in air.The  flight fully loaded with  feauture weapons .The list is given below.

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