Mclearen 650s

Sports car

Today we are going to see  about the smily british sports car mcclearn 650-s.mcclearns has a smiley front.because of these style the car has good looking.And the smile is not only for style also for the aerodynamic body and design.


Engine:-The amazing twin turbo  3.8 L v8 engine gives the power to the car. With 641 bhp produces 541kW to the engine with680 N/m torque.The top speed of the car is 333 km/h.The car can reach( 0-100) in 6.2 seconds.

Interior:-The car has a highly feature interior.The car has small diametered  finger controlling steering gives the amazing driving experience.And it has advanced panel control which shows the suspension control and engine control syestem.The rear camera gives the panamaric view to the car for reverse and parking system and the syemetric button makes the interior great.The 7-speed gear control by twin clutch.The car comes with  couple seat and doors.The seat is made up of leather.The buyer can choose own style.2016-McLaren-675LT-104-876x535

Body:- As we  know mclearen is good in body works The body is made up of fully aerodynamic and air passing throgh the  right and left side of the car.The car fully builted by carbon fiber And the chassis also.The strip led light gives the fantastic look for the car…The rear light has a classy look which makes the car more attractive.The parking sensor and front  sensor fitted in the car.for ABS .The spoiler fitted in top end of the car which gives the more dynamic for the car.2016-mclaren-675lt-inline2-photo-660901-s-original


Tyres and suspension:- The four tyres and suspension gives the comfort for the car.The car stops (0-200)km/h in 9 second.The ideal suspension help to balance the car.

Price and crictics:- The price of the car is $349,000 in road price.Autotech0 gives 4/5.

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