Lamborghini Aventador

Sports car

The car which is born for sports and Aventador is one of the expensive sports car in has fantastic look and power.Let watch out the features….


Engine:-In Lamborghini the engine is located in mid side of the car.It has 6.5 litre v12 engine which gives the power for the this it has 12 piston and cylinder produce 650 bhp and 700 kW.The car covers (0-97km)in 2.9 sec.The top speed of a car is 350 km/h.The car has all wheel drive option which controlled by electrically.


Interior:- The Lamborghini Aventador has fantastic interior it has a screen which displays the all information about the car.The interior fully like fighter jet.The ingination button is close enough to jet.And it has ABS system and airbags and reverse parking has single clutch 7-speed semi-automatic transmission.The gear changes within 50 millisecond.The adjusable leather seat gives the comfort to the buyers.Buyers can order different types of interior by their opinion.



Exterior:- The car has a aerodynamic body which gives the extra speed to the car.The car made up of carbon fiber and aluminium body which makes the car weightless.The car has double door only.It has beautiful – angry strip LED light on deont of the car.It gives extra look for the car.


Tyres and breaks :- The lamborghini has tubeless grip tyres.The four  side suspension gives the comfort and It helps to maintain the speed in the turning point of the road.


Price and Critics:-Price of the car is 444.939$ in road price.

lamborghini aventador has good look and all.As per year 2011.The critics from Autotech0 gives 4/5.

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