Boeing -777



Boeing 777 the successful flight ever.It  has a long passanger seating and powerful Dual Generel electric twin turbo engine.Let see about the features of B-777

Interior:- every flight the cockpit feature is main for controling.B-777 has good computering control has capacity to carry 314-340 at a time.And it has economy ,firstclass,and business class seating arrangement.All boeing777 gives signature cabin to all flight.The owner can choose own option.

Body and design:-As a aeroplane boeing777 has a complete aerodynamic body it has big spoiler and flaps.The body made up of aluminium metel.The powerful rudder change the direction of air.It has strobe,landing,navigation light.

Engine:-The flight has a twin turbo GE engine.It has a cacity to lift 45000 lbf (330 to 510 knts).Generel electrics start making the engine from1990.The engine was already there in B-747.The engine is efficient for the fuel.The engine drive by 2-stage air cooled ,hp turbo a-3 stage intermidate compressure situted at directly behind the fan.It has 6-stage low pressure turbine.Ge90-90B rated at 90,000 pound force.(400Knt).

Tyres:- The boeing 777 fitted the new michellen tublesss tyres.(upcoming 777)The flight has a 12 tyres for weight management of the flight.The giant suspension give lot or comfort andsmooth landimg for the flight.

Price :- The flight comes with different price for the different model.

  1.  B-777-200-ER           $258.80Million
  2.  B-777-200-LR           $292.20Million
  3.  B-777-300                 $279.00Million
  4.  B-777-300-ER           $315.00Million

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