Mclaren Speedtail: Flawless Aerodynamic body built like never before

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Mclaren introduced a new dimension to the industry, With the flawless Aerodynamic body and spoiler built like never before, They named this model As Mclaren Speedtail. It is the Prototype Version, Most Of the car lovers hated this Style, since they like to style their cars as well, and deciding which brake pads are right for your car is important for this as well. The design may look like odd, But it can bring the drastic change in upcoming automobiles.

High lights of the new Mclaren Speedtail

  • 0-300 Kmph in 12.5 seconds.
  • Advanced aerodynamic body ever built with the new type of Spoilers in behind.
  • Mirrors are replaced by two HD cameras.

In this model the interior looks Like Mcclaren F1, It also has a 3 Seater Configuration. The driver seat has been pulled up in front and the other two seats are just behind to the driver seat. The Interior made of Carbon and titanium mix of materials, The newly improved leather makes the car sleek in design and Gives more power to the interior. Also, the Dashboard has 3 big Size Touch control Screen in front gives the feel of Flight.

As I mentioned the name flight, Control Console is located in Overhead of the car, It may look weird, Come on! We are living in the 21st century, Putting Console overhead may look cool, But Talking about the point of driver focus may get small disappointment. In the given image, you can feel how it looks like. Also, The image shows the full details of Automatic gear button and manual control, Automatic Glass Control Button, Velocity Mode and trackpad Etc…

On the outside, It has some interesting Factors, Like Tesla Roadster, This car also doesn’t have the side mirror, Instead of this, it has side camera which located on just behind the front tyre. When ignition gets Active the Two HD cameras glide out, gives the Wider View and Reduces the turbulence in the side too and maintains the aerodynamics.

On the back side, The Mclaren Speed tail has amazing Spoilers Which can only found in Aeroplanes, The Engineers developed these new type of Spoilers which Reduce the drag, No Turbulence in the backside and the result no loss of Speed. The Spoiler Fully flexible and made up of Carbon Fibre, These type of Spoilers are made never before.

Most of the aerodynamic designs in the car, The Frontside is sharper compared to the backside. But in speed tail, the car has the teardrop-like Structure, In front, it has more density and in the back, structure get reduces and forms a tail. The Body fully made up of Carbon-fibre which reduces the weight of the body. On sides of the car, it has air Suction holes which makes the air to flow throughout the body and increase the velocity of the car.

Talking about the Speed of car, The Mclaren speed tail can reach up to 250 mph, And they not mentioned 0-60 mph speed and engine details, we got the information of 0-300 km/h in just 12.5 seconds. Calculating roughly the speed tail may achieve the speed of  0-60 mph in 2.3 sec. Which close to Koenigsegg*. And it uses petrol as a fuel,  A petrol-electric hybrid powertrain delivering 1050PS. The fastest McLaren yet. This is the Prototype of Mclaren and it may compete for an upcoming car like Bugatti Divo, Tesla Roadster, Etc. Stay Tuned! Autotech0

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